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The Open Sim Wheel is a powerful direct-drive steering system for sim racing. By attaching a wheel directly to a powerful servo motor, strong and detailed force feedback can be achieved.

Hardware choices

Servo Motor

Motor Power Price Peak Torque Holding Torque Encoder Resolution Motor Weight Motor Inertia Torque Coefficient (datasheet) rated speed
Mige 130ST-M10010 1.0 kW US$ 237 20 Nm 10 Nm 10000 11.5 kg 19.4 kg cm^2 2.2 Nm/A 1000 rpm
Hobbystar Motor 1.0 kW US$ 237 20 Nm 10 Nm 10000 11.5 kg 19.4 kg cm^2 2.2 Nm/A 1000 rpm
Mige 130ST-M15015 2.3kW US$ 332 30 Nm 15 Nm 10000 14.4 kg 27.7 kg cm^2 1.58 Nm/A 1500 rpm
Lenze MCS12H15L 1.6 kW 1200 € 29 Nm 11.4 Nm 16384 9.5 kg 7.3 kg cm^2 1.40 Nm/A 1500 rpm

Motor Drive

Drive Price
Argon €489.00
…also needed: 24VDC 0.5A PSU (for logic) AU $5.00+
…also needed: Simple Motion V2 USB adapter €19.50
…also needed: Simple Motion V2 Breakout Board €6.25
…also needed (opt.): Resistor 150W 100R €24.68
…also needed (opt.): Argon Heat Sink €19.00
IONICUBE 1x+ Ioni Pro HC Kit €263.25
…also needed: …Antek PS-5N50N24R5 US$138.00
…also needed: SMV2 adapter (included in kit)
SimuCUBE €169.00

USB Interface

USB Interface Price
Mouser - STM32F4 Discovery AUD $22.75
Digi-Key - STM32F4 Discovery AUD $21.14
… (opt.) Disco Adapter Board €45.00
1 x USB-A to Mini USB required AUD $5.00
1 x USB-A to Micro USB required AUD $5.00

Note: Shipping can be quite costly. eg. AUD $34.00 for one board! If you can try and round up some OSW mates from forums and group buy.
If you can't wait, try to buy all your electronic gear from the same place. Will save you loads in shipping.

Note: The SimuCUBE controller already contains an STM32F4, so if using the SimuCUBE controller, separate STM32F4 Discovery and Discovery Adapter Boards are not needed

Motor Mount

Motor Mount Price
Ascher Racing MiGE Mount €65.00
Ascher Racing Lenze Mount €65.00
Sim-Lab MiGe Mount €59.00
Sim-Lab MiGe Mounting plate €21.50

Motor Shaft Drive Lock Bushing

Bushing Price
Belting Online DL13/22 £9.06
mandotec 15,99 €
Mädler 13,44 €

Wheel Hub

Quick release (optional)

Quick Release Price
Q1R €66.00 + €58.00 (for 1 base, 1 wheel set)


Aluminium Enclosure Price
Aluminium Enclosure DYT-1 (AMP style) $50USD + shipping

The Aliexpress DYT-1 case fits Argon with 4 heat sinks, 24V PSU, Braking Resistor, Discovery Board, Denis adapter board and everything else quite well.
Note: There is extensive drilling / hole saw required for fan, glands, switches, fuses etc. Pictures to follow shortly.

Wheel, buttons, shifters


Emergency Stop Switch
Power input socket (IEC, Switched, Fused, EMI Filter)
Cable glands
Usb A to B Cables x2
Panel Mount Fuse Holder (250V 20A)

Software requirements


This software comes in two parts. There is a USB game controller driver, along with a custom firmware for STM32F4 Discovery Board. MMOs Software from Virtual Racing Thread


This software is from Granite Devices is used to program the Argon or Ioni motor controllers.
Granity by Granite Devices

STM32 ST-LINK utility

The software is used to flash the custom MMOS firmware onto the STM32F4 Discovery Board. If using Windows 8.1, you may need to run this program using Windows 7 compatibility mode.
ST-LINK Utility


Tutorials / Guides

Info (spanish)

Pictures of finished wheels


iRacing & Lenze
Osw videos

Discussion Forum Links

X-Simulator -
iRacing AUS/NZ -
iRacing Hardware BruteForce Part 1 -
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Forum OSW in Spanish -

3D File Links

Granite Devices Argon .STP .IGS
STM32F4 Discovery Board .SCAD .STP

OSW-Related Manufacturer Links

Ascher Racing
Granite Devices
Sam Maxwell Customs
Team HRS
Reimer Motorsports

Tools needed

Tool Details Description
Soldering Iron A 40W iron with a pencil tip should do everything needed for this build Joining cable connectors
Screwdrivers For driving screw
Allen Keys For case hardware
Wire stripper Automatic wire stripper will make life easier Stripping various size wires
Drill, various bits Drill press will be easiest and neatest, hand drill can do the job For putting holes in your case
Step Drill Bit (up to 20mm) For making neat panel mount holes in the case at larger sizes Drill normally first!
Tap and die (opt.) If you want to tap threaded holes in your case
Centre punch For marking the centre of your drill holes

Example Build Lists

Build List #1

Element Part Price Justification
Granite Devices:
Motor Drive Argon €489.00
Simple Motion V2 USB adapter €19.50 To go with Argon
Simple Motion V2 Breakout Board €6.25 To go with Argon
USB Interface STM32F4 Discovery $14.88 USB interface with button and analogue inputs
Components Heat Sink x4 $4.38 ea. For Argon
Fuse Holder x2 $2.98 ea. One for AC input, one for braking resistor
Ring Terminal x6 $0.46 ea. For grounding etc.
D-Sub Cable $7.44 Dsub cable and connector at one end (for encoder/Argon connection)
26 Pin IDC Cable $1.78 IDC Cable with connectors (for Argon)
IEC Power Inlet $8.18 Socket for AC input to case
RJ45 Coupler $13.76 Socket for RJ45 entry to case
Rocker Switch $1.50 Switch for drive enable
DB15 Backshell $6.13 Backshell for DB15 connection (encoder cable)
Emergency Stop Switch $27.30 Emergency stop for Argon
Braking Resistor Braking Resistor $54.49 Braking resistor
Components 4-pole connector plug $6.50 Motor power connector
4-pole connector socket $2.49 Motor power connector
USB Coupler x2 $8.91 ea. USB connections for Discovery
Components USB-A to Micro-B cable $4.00 For Discovery
USB-A to Mini-B cable $4.00 Also for Discovery
DB15 Breakout connector $6.30 DB15 Connection
24V 3.2A Power Supply $23.90 For Argon logic power
Components Silicone Wire x 5m $1.14 m Flexible power wire
Cable sleeving, 8mm x 8m , 10mm x 4m $0.60 m Pick your favorite color
Servo Motor Mige 130ST-M10010 $237.47 Ask for 'keyway unmounted'. Can save on shipping if ordered in pairs
Motor power and Encoder Cables Order with motor from Mige ~$30.00 Ask for these to be supplied with connectors attached to 3m cables.
Beyond Monkey:
Quick release Quick Release Base and Wheel Side €66.00 + €58.00 Sturdy quick release system
OSW Adaptor Kit ? 70mm adaptor from drive lock, also needed
Motor mount Mige Motor Mount €65.00 Right angle motor mounting bracket
PCB Edge Mounting Kit $2.95 Easy way to mount PCBs without holes drilled in the board
Case Raijintek Metis Mini ITX Case $59.00

Drive Lock
Wheel of your choice
Assorted heatshrink etc.

Build List #2

Element Part Price Justification
Servo Motor Mige 130ST-M10010 US $252.56 Cheaper Mige, high torque coeffecient
Motor Drive Argon €489.00 Relatively expensive, but saves on needing large external PSU as with Ioni. Argon comes with 2x RF chokes, D15 solder plug and 26pin connector for ribbon cable
PSU 24VDC 1A AU $6.00 Small DC power supply for Argon logic
Simple Motion V2 USB adapter €19.50 To go with Argon
Simple Motion V2 Breakout Board €6.25 To go with Argon
Argon 150W 100R Resistor €24.68 To go with Argon
USB Interface STM32F4 Discovery US $22.75 USB interface with button and analogue inputs
… Disco Adaptor Board
~€45.00 Adds ports to Discovery board, saves on extra connectors and complication
Motor Mount Ascher Racing Mige Mount €65.00 Aluminium mount to suit Mige motor
Drive Lock Bushing Belting Online DL13/22 £9.06 To attach the the hub to the motor shaft
Wheel Hub HRS Team Custom AU $100 To attach 6 bolt wheel or quick release to bushing
Quick Release None Just using one wheel for now, bolt direct to hub
Enclosure / Case Weiliang Audio #81 US $65 Small enclosure to fit Argon, 24V PSU, Discovery Board and Disco Adaptor. Comes with hardware, rubber feet and fused IEC socket
Wheel Sparco P104 Sport Cheap, has buttons, didn't want suede
Paddle Shifters Ascher Racing Formula (Universal) €125.00 Stiff carbon shifters, crisp shift
Miscellaneous Emergency Stop Switch AU$2
IEC Socket, Line Filter, Fused with switch AU$20
Fuses, 10A, Fast Blow AU$2 One for 240V input, one for Resistor
Fuse Holder AU$2 Only need one for braking resistor. The IEC socket with the enclosure is fused
PCB Standoffs x4 AU$2 Will attach Dennis Board (and therefore STM32F4) to the enclosure
Cable Glands x4 $2ea To run neatly run cables through case. One for encoder, motor power, one for E-stop, one for USB out of case
Ribbon Cable x1m $3 To create connect to Argon
USB Cables x2 $5ea To connect Dennis board to PC
Thermal compound AU$5 To help heat transfer from PSU, Argon, Resistor to the case
Heatshrink Covering cable terminals
1. full source reference
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